Nuzest is a nutritional supplement company. We call ourselves the FEEL-GOOD people because we believe that good nutrition is at the heart of feeling good in every respect, and it certainly plays a big part in handling the physical demands of endeavours such as Alex Luther’s Chasing Canguro.

Our aim as a company has been to make nutrition easy; to provide people with a platform to help keep the spring in their step and to plug nutritional gaps…Naturally.


Mercury Marine has been making world-class outboards and sterndrives for more than 75 years. Mercury is the largest builder of marine propulsion systems in the world. Since 1939, nobody has given boaters more ways to propel their boats, activities, and pursuits reliably, comfortably, and efficiently across the water. Mercury have continued their long standing history with waterskiing by powering the Chasing Canguro team with twin Mercury engines for their world record attempt, just like they did for Harry 'Canguro' Luther back in 1970..


Axopar has pioneered a global marine sales phenomenon, based upon an uncompromising range of unique, contemporary, fun-inspired designs since 2014. Axopar have partnered with Chasing Canguro to provide the team with their latest 37 Sun Top R for the world record attempt, a boat that can handle any conditions the team will face on their epic journey around the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas.

Drive On provides asset finance solutions for all types of clients throughout Australia who are looking to get into a new car, boat, motorcycle, trucks and trailers or even equipment for their business.

Drive On shares a passion for sports and especially anything that goes hard and fast, which is why we are proud to be supporting Alex on his epic adventure.

Simple Machines is a technology company committed to solving tough problems. So naturally, upon hearing of Alex Luther's courageous plan to retrace the incredible feat of his grandfather Harry, we jumped at the opportunity to be involved.

Simple Machines feel proud and privileged to have the opportunity to assist Alex with all his technology requirements on this incredible project. 

Centennial Health Club (CHC) is a health club like no other, unique in its design and what it stands for. Our motto is simple: 'Life’s more fun when you move.' That’s why we created a space that express all types of movement, from dance, acrobatics, rock climbing, gymnastics, running, cycling, skiing, lifting, throwing, jumping and lots more. Because we love a challenge, and we love people who give it a go, CHC is proud to be a part of Alex Luther's Chasing Canguro.

For information on sponsorship please contact us

Phone - + 61 2 8912 0700

Email - info@chasingcanguro.com.au

Mail - P.O Box 163, North Sydney, NSW, 2059