The Scrapbook

When Harry passed away in 1988, several items were left to Alex’s mother Chondelle Luther. These made their way into Alex’s possession over the years and include one of Harry’s cycling hats, one of his water-ski jackets, and the most important and treasured item of all: Harry’s scrapbook, filled with his amazing adventures.

Upon opening the scrapbook and browsing old documents detailing Harry’s vast achievements, Alex began learning more about the grandfather he never knew. Harry’s character, spirit and physical talent, both in the water and on a bicycle, are apparent on every page. All of this remained a mystery until now, as Harry passed away when Alex was aged 7.

Without this scrapbook, a treasure trove of pennants, congratulatory telegrams, photographs, magazine articles, and newspaper clippings, all would have been lost to an era that was. Was there a reason that this scrapbook made its way into Alex’s possession? Harry had so dearly wanted a son; to carry on his legacy? Now Alex can share an amazing story of dedication and endurance, one that will require him to undertake the toughest challenge of his life.

The scrapbook is where Alex draws all of his inspiration and is the starting point of this journey into the past.