The Team

Water Skier Alex Luther

Alex has been focusing on strengthening and preparing his body since he decided to embark on the Chasing Canguro journey. His focus is to prepare himself for the gruelling onslaught of off shore marathon water-skiing to ensure that he is in the best condition possible to contest the world record set by his grandfather Harry. Alex has an amazing team supporting his journey and without all of their dedication and hard work that has been put into the backend of the project to date, he wouldn’t be able to focus on his training and mentally preparing himself for the epic journey that lays ahead, Chasing Canguro

Driver Shane Wilson

Shane has been around boats and part of ski racing in Australia since he could walk. From racing with crocodiles in Darwin, to the famous Catalina ski race in Long Beach CA and observing in world titles, Shane's experience behind the wheel of countless boats provides the team with his experience, skills and immense knowledge. The opportunity to tow Alex on this adventure will surely be the pinnacle of anything he has ever done behind the wheel and on the water!

Observer Mitzy Luther

Keeping it in the family, Alex’s sister Mitzy Luther joins the team as observer. Her natural affinity to the water, and ultimate desire for the team to succeed makes her a natural choice for the observer role along with her need for speed and critical attention to detail.  The Italians have a great saying “Gente Di Mare”; which translates to “People of The Sea”, the Luther’s were born to be with the sea, their traditions continue…

Canguro Racing Water Skier – Jake Kerr

Jake is practically family, having seen him grow from a baby boy, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the team along with his water-skiing skills, youthful energy and his competitive edge which makes him an asset to the team and a great water-skiing partner for Alex when racing, combined with his passion for boats and speed, he is the perfect fit for Canguro Racing.

Director of Photography Marcus O Brien  Indigo Zoom

Marcus has 17 years' experience in television production and cinematography working in every continent for Australian and International networks and production companies including NBC NEWS, ESPN and Granada Media. Marcus has been the leading force in the production of all Chasing Canguro motion imagery to date, bringing his passion, dedication and experience to the team with a creative and flexible attitude, along with his continuous support in achieving the team's overall objectives.

Photographer Dan Gosse  Dan Gosse Images

Dan brings his skills in photography and love for adventure to the team, always looking for a new challenge in life. Dan has been good friends with Alex and other members of the team for many years and is excited to get on board (pun intended) to help bring this epic attempt to life. He will be documenting the lead up events and other photographic tasks such as breathing new life into Harry’s vintage scrapbook with the use of digital imagery.

Media & Communications Belinda Luther

Belinda has been in communications and PR for over 15 years working for local Australian brands to leading luxury international brands. Her skills, experience and support are paramount for this epic adventure whilst overseeing the crew making sure everyone is on point and game strong!

Head of Transport Nick Palin

Nick Palin has toured the world and has driven the Chasing Canguro route via the road for the recon trip in 2016. His reliability and attitude brings the crew together for one of the most epic road trips to date as Nick races the boat crew along the coastline of the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas via the road providing the ultimate ground support and recon.